MOST times i ponder on what people refer to as ‘real beauty’,until an incident that happened some days back occurred to me.I was on my way to the bookstore when i stumbled upon some kids.They were four actually,three boys and a girl and they were obviously kids from the junior high school.The three boys were hitting on the girl by calling her ugly and the poor girl wept uncontrollably as each boy hurled abusive words at her.I was shocked and hurt to see the painful scenario that I walked up to them,sent the nasty boys away,cleaned the tears off the little girl’s face and assured her that she was beautiful no matter what anyone said.Looking at her,I tried to figure out what the boys found amusing.yes,she had spots all over her face,a pretty big nose for her age,scattered teeth and curved legs popularly known as “bow legs”.Still that shouldn’t warrant such cruel acts by the boys..but anyways,they are just kids.they probably took a jaundiced view of the situation even without knowing it.The next day at school, the people in the class laughed at anita because to them she had flat back and front and also a very big teeth that couldn’t fit right into her mouth.Anita is such a wonderful and nice person,these people do not only deny her the privilege of being who she really is but also judge her based on only her looks.There and then I realized that there’s so much to being beautiful than just how one appears to be physically.These not only happen with children or teenagers,but also with matured adults as well.We all have our own different definitions of beauty.Some think it’s having that perfect shape,others think it’s wearing expensive clothing,hair or generally living that life of luxury. Perhaps they are right,but I read a deeper meaning to it.I think that beauty,as in real beauty has a lot more to do with the inside than the outside.A person that is of good,admirable character and a heart of gold is beautiful no matter how he/she appears to be.Alot of people are insulted and judged wrongly because of how they appear to be without knowing who they really are which is very unfair and inhumane.My mum always said that a book should never be judge by its cover but the contents in it.The physical appearance of a person might momentarily turn heads but it’s their inner beauty that earns them the long-term respect of people.Your physical appearance would be nothing without you being of good character,infact it’s a big turn-off.No one should make you feel less of who you really are just because of how you seem to be,always remind yourself that you are beautiful irregardless of what anyone thinks and in due time,your inner beauty will attract the right people to you  and never,ever try to change that.

By the way,I wrote this article three years ago when I was 15 and wasn’t really exposed and didn’t have much access to the Internet or knew much what was going on around the world.Now I am 19 and well,I see things a little bit differently now and so I had to update this article into what I actually believe now about being beautiful and loving yourself just the way you are.So kindly keep up,SUSCRIBE and follow my blog so as not to miss the update and make your comments in the comments section below.thanks


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