QUEEN OF KWATE movie review

Hy dear readers,I watched this movie at the cinemas recently and I was so inspired by this true life story movie,that I decided to make a review on it.The movie spoke to me and I learnt alot of things from it.The first thing that got me really impressed concerning the movie was that  even though the movie was strictly an African themed movie with most of the casts being black,and also the setting majorly in an African country called Uganda,alot of whites showed up at the cinemas to watch the movie which was very encouraging.The movie is all about a girl who came from a very poor background,but strived to make a better life for herself and her family through the love of a game which was mostly known for boys in her country even though she had no idea of the game at first and through the help of her coach,family and friends who believed in her and brought out her full potential,a village girl and chess player from the local land of  kwate became the best chess player not only in Uganda,but all over the world.Even with being an illiterate,she out-shined literate school boys and even older experienced chess players and became the master.Things weren’t always rosy for this girl because she faced family issues,her brother got involved in an accident,they got thrown out of their house,they didn’t have enough money for food,her elder sister which eventually got pregnant wasn’t helping,Still,she got through it all with the help of her  coach that supported her all the way,her family and community who encouraged her and had became her strength when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore.Even with her being so smart and all,she still wanted to go to school,learn how to read and write and become a better person which she did with the help of her coach.She read books on chess,practiced the game at any chance she got,and became the queen of  kwate and the master of the game.Eventually,she bought a house for her family,and they became happier in their new house.

The first thing I learnt from this movie was that,you should never allow any thing stop you from achieving your dream.Race,gender,people’s opinion and even money might be a challenge among others that you might face,but never let that stop you because your zeal,passion and determination towards acheiving that dream will lead the right people to help you get there.Secondly,I learnt that you should always be persistent and patient in acheiving your goal.The girl never became a master in one day,it took her about 4 to 5years to become the queen of chess and as the popular saying goes,Rome wasn’t built in a day.I also learnt that family is everything,your family is always there for you to support and believe in you even when nobody does and sometimes,you meet people such as friends which can be older or younger who bring out the best in you and is always there for you,Never let them go.I also learnt to never look down on yourself or let anyone discourage or intimidate you and lastly I learnt that no condition is not permanent and that with humility,hard work,determination and consistency,you’ll be able to  reach your goal.Hope you like my review of the movie,Kindly watch this inspiring movie and let me know in the comment section below any new thing you learnt or want to share.



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