7 followers!!,My appreciation and more things to expect

7 followers!!.Guys I am so grateful and I feel so much excited and encouraged.This is really a big deal for me because it shows how much you guys believed in me to have followed my blog,I am so excited and I just want to say a big thank you to y’all that took your time to hit the follow button,and by showing me that people could still get interested in the stuffs that i write and post.My goal and priority for this blog before the beginning of next year 2017 is to gather some traffic on my blog,post great articles and inspire a lot of people and I see this as a stepping stone to reaching my goal,therefore thank you so much for 7 followers,I love you guys.I also want to apologize that I haven’t been able to post regularly as I said earlier in my one of my last posts,I have been very busy preparing for admission to college next year and also for some exams I’ll have to take which I know is not much of an excuse.I just want you all to know that I am deeply sorry and I will try to be more consistent and regular in my posting.Inorder for that to be possible and convienient for me and you guys,I have made some developments on my blog which I will state now.Firstly I want to say that I’ll be posting three days in the week like I said inone if my previous posts,including Saturdays on the weekend.So during these days I will focus on certain aspects/certain things which will have a category or categories under them.The first day which is a Monday is the INSPIRATIONAL/MOTIVATIONAL/EMPOWERING AND WELL BEING MONDAY,Then the second day which is Wednesday is the ENTERTAINMENT/RELATIONSHIPS WEDNESDAY which will include articles and posts on all forms of entertainment and relationship issues,the last day of the week which is a Friday is the FASHION/FEATURE FRIDAYS which will include fashion updates and features on different topics and on Saturday which is on a weekend will be the DAILYPOST SATURDAY where I will reply to prompts to the daily post.I also want to add another feature but that will be after I upgrade my plan to the premium plan due to the numerous limitations of this free plan.That being said guys,this is what I have planned and I do hope,pray that I follow it strictly,and wish that you people continue with your act of kindness,love and encouragement.Kindly share,keep on liking,following and commenting.Thank you and adios.


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