He volunteered to help me out ,He never did.I had the hope that he would keep his word,but he proved to be the liar that he was.I never should have believed him,I never should have taken his word to be true.I trusted him with mine,and allowed him to offer his assistance which I would’ve never allowed anyone do.He did and then stamped on my pride.Why did he do this,why?

He offered to help me take the trash out.I take it out myself every time it gets full,I know it’s my job and I do it with all seriousness and never allow anyone do it because it’s my responsibility.He approached me and acted so cute asking to help me take the trash out which I couldn’t refuse ,only to find the same trash there,lying untouched.Why was he playing with me and my emotions,why did he have to act so nice and all when he wasn’t.If he had no intentions to help,why did he volunteer?.Stupid volunteer!


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