Hy guys,it’s another (late) motivational Monday and I have a confession,no two confessions to make.First one is i actually got the inspiration for this post from two songs by Justin bieber’s Let me love you and Sia’s The Greatest.Wonderful songs you should listen to if you haven’t and the second confession is that today’s post is for you guys of course but more in reference to me.I felt I had to write this because I give up way too easily and i just felt that if I write this,it might help me out in my quest to persistence and determination.To be honest with you guys,I might write all about determination and persistence and not giving up but trust me,I have issues with this too and I hope this post will at least if not help you,do something(even a teeny weeny bit) to allow you to be a little more pesistent and consistent in chasing your dreams as well as myself.Firstly,I’d like to say that giving up is like the most easy thing to do,you can just like start up with something full of determination,and the next thing you’re like oh I am tired,and then you want to give up.its so easy that you don’t need to work to give up or do anything,you just stop.People give up quite easily than others,some after a lot of failed trails and others,after a failed trail.I give up quite easily,I don’t know if it’s due to laziness or just self-doubt which is something I am determined to change.Before starting this blog,I had like three blogs which I had to delete because I gave up on them quite easily,and because I had no patience due to the lack of immediate follows and likes,which made me frustrated,and resulted to giving up.When I started this post,I was full of enthusiasm but it got to a point that i got the usual frustration and I wanted to delete this blog as well but I was like No,enough.Enough of the deleting and giving up,I convinced myself that there was much more to a blog than just having followers or likes and with that realized my true purpose of blogging.
Secondly guys,In some cases,quitting might be the next best option.For instance,cases like quitting to starting over again in another aspect or area.In some cases,we find ourselves doing the wrong thing,at the wrong place and the wrong time and it might take a while for you to like realize that you’ve been wasting all your efforts and figuring out why things weren’t working out.This is the best case to quit whatever you were doing wrong and switch to the right path which might definitely work for you!.This way is also kind of tricky because probably that thing is your thing,but you just have to give it loads of effort and time for it to click instead of starting all over again.So I guess it just depends on what you really want,your passion and your zeal/determination level.If you have all these things checked in whatever goal you have,then trust me never give up because one day,you’ll definitely hit it BIG.I relate this to me blogging,these things takes time,to build a blog from what I know and have learn takes time,consistence and patience and the sooner I realized this,the more at peace I became with myself.So guys,all I am trying to convey to you all is that,we all want to see quick results in all what we are doing or want to do,but nothing ever happens that way.Either online,social media and in real life,things take time and they’ll definitely be set backs.Most time I feel that without set-backs,we wouldn’t have a real success story to tell or know the real purpose of that Sucess .I feel that sucess stories achieve their purpose when people gets inspired by them,and So I feel set backs are good and it depends on how you handle it that would define your true sucess story.With that,I have challenged myself,I challenged myself that even at now that I am a complete Nobody,i would always use this blog till I become Somebody(which I definitely will God’s willing) and that no matter what I become or where I find myself,this blog will have my Zero to Hero story and will always be my first blog.So challenge yourself at something and be determined to do it to reaching your goals,remember setbacks will always come,ALWAYS but never give up(or give up for like 5secs and come right back up #wink).You will always reach your goals!.
I do Hope this post spoke to somebody (because it sure did to me #wink).Kindly comment what you think or feel and if you’re comfortable with it,share what areas you give up quite easily and steps you’re willing to take to change,Lets HELP each other here guys.All these will be highly appreciated,Thanks for your support and NEVER GIVE UP!


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