Hey guys, it’s me again and I am so glad to be back blogging with you all. I know its been a while, so I just want to welcome you guys back to my blog and welcome me back too(lol).  Even though its been forever and seemed like I disappeared  from my blog site(which I’ll admit I stylishly did),I just want to assure you guys that nothing has changed really andRead More »


7 followers!!,My appreciation and more things to expect

7 followers!!.Guys I am so grateful and I feel so much excited and encouraged.This is really a big deal for me because it shows how much you guys believed in me to have followed my blog,I am so excited and I just want to say a big thank you to y’all that took your time to hit the follow button,and by showing me that people could still get interested in the stuffs that i write and post.My goal and priority Read More »

Hey there!

Hy!,welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.I was actually really confused starting this blog because firstly I had no idea on how to start one and secondly because I hadn’t decided on a topic yet.So one day,I came across a site writing how easy it was starting a blog for free and I was like hey,why not start one now?.So i followed the steps and got to the part where i got to create a site title and domain name and  then i paused and thought,Read More »