Hy guys,it’s another (late) motivational Monday and I have a confession,no two confessions to make.First one is i actually got the inspiration for this post from two songs; one by Justin bieber’s Let me love you and second Sia’s The Greatest.Wonderful songs you should listen to if you haven’t. The second confession is that Read More »




He volunteered to help me out ,He never did.I had the hope that he would keep his word,but he proved to be the liar that he was.I never should have believed him,I never should have taken his word to be true.I trusted him with mine,and allowed him to offer his assistance which I would’ve never allowed anyone do.He did and then stamped on my pride.Why did he do this,why?Read More »

Just move on!

Hy guys,it’s Wednesday and Wednesdays on my blog are all about relationships and Entertainmant,and today which is Relationships based is going to be all about moving on.When it comes to moving on,life never fails to throw us situations were we get to move on from a certain situation of inconvenience to a better or convenient place.Unfortunately,some people get the chance to move on,but due to the fear of it,Read More »

7 followers!!,My appreciation and more things to expect

7 followers!!.Guys I am so grateful and I feel so much excited and encouraged.This is really a big deal for me because it shows how much you guys believed in me to have followed my blog,I am so excited and I just want to say a big thank you to y’all that took your time to hit the follow button,and by showing me that people could still get interested in the stuffs that i write and post.My goal and priority Read More »


Hy dear readers,so I had the part one of this article posted last week and if you missed that here’s the link  and I also promised to update it to what I actually believe now about being beautiful in regards to accepting yourself and your body the way they are.I still believe that your personality truly defines who you are and that being beautiful still has a lot to do more of how you are on the inside that the outside(physical appearance).Still Read More »